Whatever your mind can think, you are capable of realizing. That is essentially the basis of the law of attraction, and it can and does apply to each and every aspect of your life. Financials and wealth are no different. The very first thing that you need to realize is that wealth, just like everything else, is a state of mind, and because of that the only limitations placed on it are the limitations we set upon ourselves.

Firstly, think about what it is that you want, specifically. Do you desire to be financially stable? Do you desire to be your own boss? Do you wish to retire early? That needs to be your focus; it’s all about faith and believing that you can create the desired outcome. Visualize it.

Visualization is a very powerful tool! When you visualize, think about what your life will be when this desire is fulfilled, what your life will look like. You must not only believe it, but you must conduct yourself as if it is already beginning to happen. While you’re creating your goals and desires, give it some deep thought.

Make sure that these are really the things that you personally want, not just things that you think you should want.

rolls of cashNext, move towards it. Even if it is in the tiniest baby steps, it’s still motion. Do something that makes you feel closer to the goal. If your goal is to own your own financially stable business, create your business plan, decide on a business name, purchase some office supplies, etc. This conveys that you are serious, both to yourself, to everyone else, and to the Universe around you.

Shift your focus. Stop focusing on the things that you may not have at this very moment in your life. Stop looking at things and circumstances as if they are out of reach, instead of telling yourself ‘I can’t afford that’, start confidently thinking, ‘One day soon I will have that.’

Instead of driving through a high-end neighborhood, wishing that you could live there, drive through the neighborhood looking for inspiration for the future house you will build on that empty lot at the end of the street.

Whether you practice the law of attraction or not, and regardless of if you even believe in it, it is always in motion and it is always working. Like attracts like, if you are always thinking and behaving negatively, you will always have negative life experiences. If you are constantly focusing on a lack of money and wealth, the chances are high that you will always live that way.

As always, be persistent and steady. Keep your thoughts, your words, and your actions in check with your desires.

And, please, do not focus on monetary wealth alone. There are so many more aspects of being wealthy than just having an abundance of money in the bank! Focus yourself also on love and happiness, after all, what good is all of the money in the world without having those things as well?